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Bus Bay Road Marking Removal

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Scater 25 In Action

As we’re a member of The Water Jetting Association, we are always striving to meet their high standards. All of our staff are fully trained to meet the required criteria.

Not only this, but we’re also the UK’s only water jetting company that is ISO registered to 9001/14001/45001. One example of our high-quality work and professional standards is our water jet Bus bay road marking removal.

Our Trail Jet 100 is operated by being pulled along by a sprinter van. This is the power pack that pushes the Scater 25 into action (as you can see above). Combined with water pressures between 1400 and 1800 bar, this state of the art unit is capable of removing even very stubborn road markings.

The innovative system is safe to use as it does not create any flying debris and with no smoke or fumes, it cuts down on pollution of the surrounding environment.

We were asked to clean away some out of date road markings by Swansea City Council. We used this system to remove the existing green bus bays and get the road ready for the new bus routes which were being introduced.

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Contact us to find out more about bus bay road marking removal. We also offer a range of other road marking removal services for a variety of requirements, if there is a service you require contact us and see what we can do for you!