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    hydrodemolition by hydroblast


    Hydrodemolition is the use of controlled high-pressure jets of water in order to remove or demolish concrete.

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    industrial tank cleaning

    Tank Cleaning

    Industrial Tank Cleaning is essential if you want to achieve and maintain high standards of quality.

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    high pressure water jetting by hydroblast

    Water Jet Cleaning

    Water jet cleaning uses high-pressure water jets to complete a myriad of tasks ranging from ship renovation to outdoor cleaning.

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    concrete removal

    Concrete Removal

    We can offer top of the range equipment and highly experienced operatives to get rid of unwanted areas of concrete.

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    concrete cutting

    Concrete Cutting

    Concrete Cutting is achieved using the Hydrodemolition method. Over periods of time concrete deteriorates and must first be cut.

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    pile cropping

    Pile Cropping

    High-pressure water jets are capable of cropping piles effectively and efficiently without compromising their structural integrity.

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    refractory removal

    Refractory Removal

    Worn refractory lining can easily be removed using high-pressure water jets, saving businesses time and money.

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    industrial pipe and tube cleaning

    Pipe Cleaning

    Industrial Pipe Cleaning can help prolong the useful life of pipes. The high-pressure water jetting equipment utilised to clean these pipes takes a great deal of expertise to use.

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    high pressure water jetting by hydroblast

    Water Jet Training

    As a registered training provider of the Water Jetting Association and accredited by City & Guilds, our training ensures that you and your staff are trained to the latest water jetting industry standards.

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    High Pressure Water Jetting For Tank, Tube And Pipe Cleaning, Demolition And Road Marking Removal

    Every kind of high-pressure water jetting service you can imagine…

    At Hydroblast we can offer every kind of high-pressure water jetting service you can imagine. Our services range from routine graffiti removal to tank cleaning, and also one of the toughest jobs like hydrodemolition and concrete scabbling. Our professional technicians operate the latest equipment and are committed to producing the best results. All of the machinery we use has been carefully designed to handle even the toughest industrial projects.

    As well as the water jetting services themselves, Hydroblast also offers machinery supply, repairs and training.

    Our team are experienced at using every device we supply. When we deliver it to you we can provide full set up and training so you know exactly how to use it. We can also provide maintenance tips and other important advice so you can get the most from your investment. Training from Hydroblast is designed to maximise the return you get from your equipment.

    At Hydroblast we can help you with any high-pressure water jetting project, from removing the smallest pieces of graffiti to large scale industrial cleaning projects. We can provide services on a one-off basis, take on insurance work or simply offer the best standards of advice and technical support. If you have any questions for us please don’t hesitate to get in touch: you can easily reach us by calling 01677 428 786.