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Pillars and Piles

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Hydrodemolition and Water Jetting for Pillars and Piles

Pillars, piles and columns play an important role in a range of structures in order to keep them standing and rigid. Pillars, piles and columns are exposed to various elements and wear such as waves, lapping zones, mechanical impact from vehicles, ships, weather, salt and freeze-thaw cycles, earthquakes and incorrect concrete casting.

With our expertise we can help you with a range of tasks. Using hydrodemolition as a method of pile cropping is fast becoming known as the best option to safely crop piles due to it not damaging the structural integrity of the concrete below the ground.

We have various pieces of equipment that are ideal for handling renovation and repair work on a wide range of pillars, piles and columns. If you require more information on any of these tasks, then contact us at Hydroblast today.

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