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Outdoor Cleaning Using Water Jets

The cleaning of outdoor municipal public areas is vital. Over time, substances, grit and dirt can begin to build-up on outdoor surfaces, which in turn affects the appearance of these spaces. In addition to the appearance of surfaces being affected, dirty areas can also become slippery and dangerous.

Although cleaning is imperative, it can be difficult to coordinate due to considerations for the health and safety of the general public. Due to many public areas experiencing high footfall, closing these areas down can be extremely disruptive. However, it’s equally important to note that conducting outdoor cleaning using harsh chemicals can pose as a threat to passers-by and workers if an area is still open.

To combat this problem, we are able to offer a fantastic outdoor cleaning solution that is safe and effective. At Hydroblast, we implement an outdoor cleaning service using Falch high-pressure water jetting. Due to the absence of chemicals in our approach, it’s an ideal process for public areas.

Using both hot water jetting and cold water jetting acts as a fantastic concrete cleaner, as well as a viable solution for cleaning outdoor stone and tiles. What’s even better is that this method doesn’t leave any excess water behind either, so the public can return to these areas immediately after the process is complete.

For an efficient and safe outdoor floor cleaner, our technique is able to provide just that. The process of using water jets is ideal for petrol forecourt cleaning, train station platform cleaning, bus stop cleaning, and much more. The list is endless!

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