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AquaJet Rotolance

At Hydroblast we like to explore a range of tools to offer great service to our customers. The AquaJet Rotolance is one addition to our equipment that allows for the preparation of concrete in a variety of applications, such as bridges, roads, harbours, sewerage pipes, reservoirs and a whole range of industrial applications.

Alongside this, the Rotolance is also used in terms of water jet cleaning, such as removing paint or rust, in storage tanks and in the hulls of ships. This is achievable through the ability to reach pressures of 2500 bar.

As with all our robotic hydrodemolition and water jetting equipment, the AquaJet Rotolance is a great way to ensure that time and money is saved through efficiency, as well as encouraging the safety of the user by stopping the risk of injury that exists with handheld equipment.

The versatility of the Rotolance means that it is compatible with all 710 robots, Aqua Spine and Aqua Frame thus allowing it to be used in a wide range of situations, and jobs.

If you’d like to know more about the Rotolance and how we can utilise it for the best possible results when it comes to hydrodemolition on your project, then contact Hydroblast today.

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