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Pile Cropping

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What Is Pile Cropping?

More and more people are choosing to support major building works using piles. Piles, commonly made from re-enforced concrete, are driven, screwed or bored deep into the ground. HSE guidelines require all piles to be cropped, without damaging the concrete below the cut off level, to allow pile caps or pile beams to be constructed.

Traditionally, piles were cropped using the jackhammer or crunching approach. However, more recently, pile cropping is performed using high-pressure water jets as this method, unlike its traditional counterparts, does not destroy or damage the integral supporting structure of the piles in any way.

Pile Cropping In Action
Pile Cropping In Action

How Does Hydroblast Approach Pile Cropping?

Pile cropping (or Pile Breaking) is achieved using the circular power head, which is a ring in two pieces capable of rotating a full 360 degrees. The power head can be wrapped around almost any size of column, which enables the Aqua Cutter HVD/HVE to work all the way around a column without the operator having to remove the robotic equipment.

The roller distance is set before the work begins. The roller will then travel this set distance to one side of the column, then return to the other side, using the precise remote control system.

Once the right depth has been achieved, the power head can then move either up or down depending on the settings the operator provided resulting in precision concrete cutting.

Benefits of Pile Cropping


More productive

By rotating the power head 180 degrees, it is possible to cut below grade


Extend the offset distance for deeper below grade requirements


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