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Hydrodemolition Power Pack

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Self Contained Hydrodemolition Unit

Our extremely innovative power pack is a self contained unit for robotic hydrodemolition equipment, used to break up concrete during the water jetting process. This powerful high pressure unit is specifically designed for use during hydrodemolition, making it one of the most useful pieces of equipment we work with.


Benefits of the Power Pack

  • Only one single container is needed for everything.
  • It supplies itself with power, meaning there is no need for another electricity source.
  • It is easily transportable, simple to set up, and doesn’t require expensive specialist transport.
  • It won’t take up much space at the work site.
  • The robot and additional accessories are in the container, meaning that storage is easy.

How the Equipment Works

The diesel powered engine and the powerful pump are connected with a flexible coupling. The whole thing is assembled on a strong and stable steel frame. The base frame is securely installed into the container on vibration isolators.

A water filter in the form of a bag provides an effective shield against any impurities which may enter the system and affect the quality of the work. The inlet pressure comes from a booster pump which is mounted in between the water tank and the pump.

User friendly

  • Our power packs have ample space not only for the robot itself, but also for the required accessories like hose lines.
  • You will only require one power pack and there is no need for an external power supply. The only materials it requires to run are water and diesel.
  • As only one container is needed, it follows that only one truck is needed, which means that transport becomes simpler and cheaper for you.
  • The system is designed to be easy and user friendly for both contractors and operators.
  • To sum it up – this self contained system is ready for work.
Additional Extras for the Power Pack

If required, the container can be fitted with a “roll off” frame. This makes it even easier to load it on and off a vehicle, so transport becomes simpler than ever.

There is also a built in workbench with a vice and storage room for any necessary spare parts. The adjustable heavy hooks allow storage of hoses and cables, the electricity system allows lighting, and there is a built in fuel and water tank.

Safety Features

There is a shut down system which will immediately shut down the unit or switch it to low idle mode in case of an emergency or alarm being triggered. Here you can see the remote control system, complete with emergency stop controls and pressure on/off switch.

When the system is in the off position, the pump and hose will be de-pressurized. The engine rpm will be brought right down into low idle mode. The container is fully sound insulated. It features double doors on both the side and rear of the unit and hatches for cooling air.

Technical Data
Container 23 feet Special design
Working pressure max. 1000 bar (14500 psi)
Capacity, flow PP550 228 l/min (60 gpm)
Power input PP550 412 kW (550 HP)
Capacity, flow PP700 261 l/min (69 gpm)
Power input PP700 473 kW (645 HP)
Engine speed 1800 rpm

Other flow and pressure rate by customers request

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