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Aquajet Ergo Go – the ultra-compact hydrodemolition and cleaning system

Hydroblast’s Aquajet Ergo Go water jetter is very well named. Because it is designed to go into confined spaces that other water jetting systems just cannot reach.

We make sure we can provide water jetting services that deliver the best solutions in all environments, and that includes where space is at a premium. The Aquajet Ergo Go is an important tool in our armoury to allow our trained and qualified operatives to work safely in these constrained spaces. Its compact capabilities deliver key advantages. The Aquajet Ergo Go can be operated in small spaces or on surfaces with an irregular shape. The system allows us to carry out hydrodemolition or cleaning operations without the need for hand lance water jetting which, especially in confined spaces, exposes operatives to multiple risks.

In fact, our Aquajet Ergo Go is allowing us to carry out high pressure water jetting in ways previously not possible, extending the advantages our clients can gain from the process.


Hydroblast’s Aquajet Ergo Go – the benefits

  • Ideal for hydrodemolition, surface preparation or cleaning in highly constrained space.
  • Quick to set up ready for operation – maximising productivity so our clients’ projects can be completed more quickly.
  • As a robotic water jetting system, Aquajet Ergo Go allows our operative to stand away from the machine, enhancing safety.
  • Avoids the need for mechanical demolition with hand tools which present significant hand arm vibration risks.
  • Flexible operation – the Ergo Go can be used for a range of tasks, including hydrodemolition, surface preparation and cleaning.
  • It’s designed to operator on simple scaffolding polls, making site preparation and set-up easy.
  • As with Hydroblast’s hydrodemolition systems, it is more precise than mechanical concrete removal, including no damage to steel rebar and other surfaces that need to be retained.

The Ergo-Go frame is a tool we use when working on a difficult area.It is often used on surfaces that can’t be easily accessed by our track driven robot, such as down man holes, in other confined spaces, or at very tall heights.

The Ergo-Go frame is not only used in small or confined spaces, but also in tricky spaces such as bridge piers, bearings, soffits and parapets.Previously, there was no alternative but to use hand lances on complicated areas such as these, but with the Ergo-Go frame you can see outstanding results and benefit from safe, efficient robotic hydrodemolition.

The frame is extremely versatile and allows for a fast and easy set up. It can either be brought to the location in separate pieces and put together there, or it can be brought as a complete piece and placed into the desired position using a crane or hydraulic platform – whichever method is most suitable for that particular job.

The Ergo-Go frame needs to be securely fastened to the concrete surface for stable, safe work. This may be done using bolts or it may be held firmly in place by a hydraulic excavator or handler.

During the work, the Ergo-Go frame will be operated by remote control, which allows a greater level of force than hand lancing and hence much more productive work.

As the cannon on the Ergo-Go frame is operated using a remote control hand set, the work is perfectly safe for the operator.

The frame is designed to be used in many hard to reach locations, some of these are listed below.

  • Bottom of a pier previously extremely difficult to access
  • Monorail-type used to break the outer seaward face of a marine structure
  • Customised frame attached to the bottom of a berthing dolphin
  • Monorail-type used to break the concrete of the dome section of a nuclear power plant

These are a few use cases of the frames, they allow for easily adaptable designs in order to access areas that previously wouldn’t be accessible.

The frame is adaptable to any need and can be used for almost any type of hydrodemolition task.

With this frame you can choose the width and height of the frame to ensure the perfect size for your specific requirements.

These unique frames can be produced to the specifications you need and mounted onto a wide variety of equipment, including excavators, telescopic handlers and other kinds of construction apparatus.

Operational advantages of the Aquajet Ergo Go

  • Fast equipment set-up
    The Aquajet Ergo Go’s modular design means it is quick for our water jetting operatives to set up and get work. With less downtime, productivity is maximised.
  • Wireless remote control
    The Aquajet Ergo Go’s wireless remote control contributes to Hydroblast’s ability to use the water jetting system in the most confined spaces, while our operator stands in the best position for optimum performance and safety.
  • Improved hydrodemolition safety
    Thanks to its compact design, our Aquajet Ergo Go is designed to more effectively do work previous carried out by hand lance water jetting.
    This means hydrodemolition tasks can be carried out more safely, contributing to our client’s zero harm health and safety strategies.
  • Flexible operation
    The Ergo Go is designed to complete a range of tasks and meet the many challenges we face on site. Its power head can be moved through 90 degrees for the most effective performance, while lance oscillation is adjustable.
    The equipment is just as capable at cleaning and surface preparation as it is for concrete or refractory demolition, so multiple water jetting tasks can be completed.
    Also, its working width of between 0.25m and 2m, the Aquajet Ergo Go confirms its credentials for working flexibly in the all types of spaces.

Key Sectors

Hydroblast’s Ergo Go water jetting systems are in demand across the UK to complete hydrodemolition and cleaning tasks in a variety of industrial sectors, including:

  • Bridge hydrodemolition and repair
  • Highway flyover hydrodemolition and repair
  • Reinforced concrete removal
  • Furnace refractory removal
  • Combustion chamber refractory removal
  • Recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) process plant cleaning
  • Marine pier hydrodemolition
  • Wall and foundation hydrodemolition
  • Marine barge defouling
  • Ship defouling

Technical Data

  • Working width – 0,25-2,0m
  • Max length between supports – 2,0m
  • Min clearance height – 320-500mm (depending on bracket type)
  • Roller beam lengths – 0,25 / 0,5m / 1,0m
  • Lance angle – ±45°
  • Oscillation steps – 8° / 22mm and 14° / 42mm
  • Transport boxes – 1100x355x400 mm
  • Climber weight – 22kg
  • Power Head weight – 21kg
  • Roller beam weight – 9,5kg/m
  • Controller weight – 98 kg dry, 124 kg with oil
  • Max reaction force – 1000N
  • Parallel drive – ±2%

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