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Aqua Cutter HVD

When it comes to versatility, the HVD (horizontal vertical) robot cannot be beaten. It can be used in various different ways, and is utilised for horizontal, vertical and overhead jobs alike.

As this robot is so adaptable to different types of jobs, it can be used for all kinds of hydrodemolition tasks. The compact front power head has an innovative 3D positioning feature and can be moved around freely into many different positions, which allows the operator to effectively reach even difficult areas and do a truly thorough job.

The free movement of the head means that even complicated or confined areas can be cleaned with ease. The front features removable covers, which allows the head to reach thoroughly and deeply all the way into tight corners.

Benefits of the Aqua Cutter HVD

  • An easily adaptable stroke of oscillation.
  • As the width of the working area is larger than the front, the head is capable of reaching deep into corners and carrying out more thorough work.
  • It offers an adjustable cutting width of up to four metres.
  • There are no cables, sensors or other electric parts in the front of the equipment, meaning that there is no risk of damage from the water jets.
  • The operators panel is easy to use, with clear symbols and the option for multiple languages.

Hydraulic Steel Mast

In order to carry out vertical work and reach overhead, a hydraulic steel mast is used. This simplifies the work, as it means the robot does not need to use any extra arms or towers which would be superfluous to its needs.

These masts are capable of reaching heights of up to six metres, and even higher with extra support.

The robot can be combined with various different accessories which opens up even more possibilities for the work. These include wireless radio control for efficient manoeuvring, a circular power head, attachments for jetting underneath bridges and parapets, and many more.

Tower Sections

Tower sections can be securely fixed to the ground using a centre bolt. The entire tower is then raised to the desired height using hydraulic technology. As mentioned above, the whole process is simplified as there is no need for extra unnecessary towers.

Aqua Cutter Accessories

  • Rotolance 400 – high pressure 1000 bar -228 litre/minute
  • Rotolance 2500 – uhp – 2500 bar-21 litre/minute
  • Circular Power Head
  • Parapet / Under Bridge Beam
  • Extension kit Standard

Technical Data

LENGTH MIN. 2600 mm (102″)
LENGTH MAX. 1850 mm (112″)
TOTAL WIDTH 2000 mm (79″)
MINIMUM WIDTH 1200 mm (47″)
WORKING WIDTH RANGE 0-2140 mm (0-84″)
WIDTH OF TRACKS 1030-1510 mm (40-60″)
HEIGHT MIN. 1575 mm (62″)
WEIGHT OF HVD ROBOT 2000 kg (4400 lb.)

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