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We are members of The Water Jetting Association (WJA) and so we strive to meet the highest standards of practice at all times.

Our teams are trained to the highest standard in both machine operations and health and safety techniques.

UHP Water Jetting is the preferred method of line removal technique because:

– It is less harsh on the environment as no chemicals or harsh abrasives are used.

– Our machinery is suitable for a range of surfaces including; roads, playgrounds, car parks and airports.

– Equipment is small and nimble allowing intricacy to be key. We can cater for small locations and correction work.

– We cause minimal disruption. Our machinery is quick, effective, and compact, allowing traffic disruption to be controlled.

– Our expert team can be deployed across the country.

We rectify line marking mistakes, removal old and outdated markings, and allow for surfaces to be ready for new markings to be laid. 

Trying to remove road markings without the proper equipment can be very difficult. Even if you have the equipment you still need to have experience in providing an effective result. Road markings are designed to be a permanent feature on the road and they’re thermoplastic, so they can’t simply be washed away. If you need a company that can either supply you with the equipment and training to carry out road marking removal on your own or one to complete it for you then we can help.

Hydroblast is able to remove most colours of road markings such as red, white, yellow, blue, and more. Our top of the range electronically controlled machines can be set to propel itself backwards and forwards. This means we can cater to a number of customer requirements and accommodate every need, whatever size of area or location you have.

We had a site which had previously been used by primary school pupils, but a recent change meant that the site was now occupied by older college students, so we needed the ground to be age appropriate.

I contacted Hydroblast as they were a nearby contractor who offered road paint removal using high pressure water. Other contractors in the area offered this service, but used some form of blast media, which we had used before, and it left a large amount of residue that needed to be removed.

The High-Pressure Water Jetting performed by Hydoblast was 100% effective in removing the playground markings and only uses water which made clearing up after completion significantly quicker than with previous contractors.

I was completely satisfied with the works carried out by Hydroblast and I have no hesitation in recommending Hydroblast for works of this nature.

Geoff Boyle

Head of Estates and Facilities, The Percy Hedley Foundation

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