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Industrial Floor Cleaning

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Industrial Floor Cleaning Using Water Jets

Without regular industrial floor cleaning in places such as warehouses, factories and industrial plants, floors can quickly become dirty with a variety of substances. This not only affects the appearance of the floor surface, but it can also affect the safety of work and become somewhat of a health hazard.

Whether your specific problem involves spilled chemicals, paint, a general build-up of dirt, or other types of markings, we offer an efficient industrial floor cleaning service. Using water jets, we are able to remove unwanted grime and dirt from industrial floors, returning surfaces to their former glory.

Our industrial floor cleaning machines come in the form of specialist water jetting equipment, which is able to carry out floor cleaning on a variety of scales. The versatility of our method allows us to apply our technique to a range of industries and circumstances, and we pride ourselves on the service that we provide. Using top of the range Falch water jetting machinery, we are able to offer a fast and efficient solution to getting your floors spotless. All wastewater is then collected and recycled.

One of the fantastic benefits of water as an industrial floor cleaner is that it is safe to use and won’t damage any flooring or surrounding areas. Alternative approaches to industrial floor cleaning, however, often involves chemicals and harsher techniques that can permanently damage a floor’s surface. We implement a much safer and effective approach, with our specialist water jetting equipment being able to expertly remove any unwanted substances whilst keeping the flooring itself intact.

From floor cleaning to line removal, to removing stubborn substances such as glue and sealant, we can get your floors looking as good as new. Get in touch to find out more about our industrial floor cleaning service.

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