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Hydrodemolition is an Efficient and Modern Approach for Many Projects

The Unique Techniques in Hydrodemolition have made it increasingly popular, it is fast becoming the method that businesses and individuals are choosing for their controlled, well managed demolition tasks. Whilst demolition with explosives can be dangerous and damage the surrounding area, hydrodemolition allows for a professional and precise means of demolishing only the structure that needs to be taken down.

The control possible with this system also caters for precise planning, meaning it is possible to remove or demolish only specific parts of a building or structure. This makes for a cost-effective and efficient approach when undertaking restoration or rebuilding work.

Thanks to the Unique Techniques in Hydrodemolition, No Structural Damage is Caused

At Hydroblast we use an innovative, vibration-free system of hydrodemolition. The benefit of this is that it ensures no structural damage occurs to the adjacent buildings or to the parts of the structure being worked on that you wish to remain standing. The system has also exceeded the requirements for ISO and Occupational Health & Safety accreditation, something underlined by our reputation for safe and secure services.

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Equal Distance System

Our process for manual hydrodemolition relies on the unique, patented Equal Distance System (EDS) use of high powered water blasting. The EDS approach means that concrete removal is achieved at an optimised level, doing the task quickly, efficiently and ensuring that supporting structure framework remains undamaged. The EDS Hydroblast system also utilises an efficient method of water usage, making it an attractive, eco-friendly solution.Unique Approaches in Hydrodemolition


Our system of hydrodemolition can be used either manually or by robotic remote. Precision, limited demolition tasks usually require the expert hand and eye of a professional to make sure only the correct and intended layers of concrete are removed. Our robotic Aqua Cutter HVD can, however, be programmed to deliver a high and satisfactory level of precision to demolition tasks.

Unique Techniques with Water Jetting


The great strength of our robotic Aqua Cutter is, however, the versatility with which it can be deployed. The robot is designed to be able to carry out work in difficult to reach areas like corners, and the arm on the device can extend unaided to a height of 6 metres. As the robot can be programmed or operated by radio control it does offer an efficient, cost and time saving solution to a wide range of hydrodemolition requirements.

Aqua-Cutter-410A-Evolution hydrodemolition

We are currently the only hydrodemolition experts in Yorkshire that offer the robotic aqua cutter solution. The growing demand for the precise and safe operations offered by the system stands as testimony to the efficiency of the unique techniques in hydrodemolition.