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What Is the Rotolance?

The Rotolance is one of the many high quality appendages for the AquaJet AquaCutter robot that we utilise on a number of tasks. The Rotolance is compatible with all 710 robots, Aqua Spine and Aqua Frame thus allowing it to be used in a wide range of situations, and jobs.

Uses for the AquaJet Rotolance.

Some of the uses of the AquaJet Rotolance include:

  • Preparation of concrete for
    • Bridges
    • Roads
    • Harbours
    • Airports
    • Sewerage systems
    • Reservoirs
    • Heavy industry
  • Water jet cleaning for
    • Storage tanks
    • Hulls of ships
    • Pipework
    • Paint or rust removal

As with all our equipment, the Rotolance is a versatile tool, that helps us to get the job done on a range of tasks and the above are just some of the things that it is capable of. Our range of equipment means that we are suitably prepared for water jetting tasks, and we are always willing to tailor make solutions to any problem you may have.


Benefits of The AquaJet Rotolance

The main benefit of using The AquaJet Rotolance for any of these tasks, as with all our robotic hydrodemolition equipment is the efficiency that they deliver. By being a faster more accurate way of cleaning or hydrodemolishing something, then your business saves money by having less down time meaning the next stage of a job can take place.

Alongside this, one of the key values that Hydroblast has is safety. The use of the Rotolance alongside out other robotic hydrodemolition equipment is designed to keep the operator safe. With hand held water jet devices there is a high risk of injury, whether that is through repetitive vibration, or other accidents that can happen with a loss of focus and concentration.

Contact Hydroblast today, and see what we can do to help you with your business’s needs when it comes to the use of high pressure water jets for hydrodemolition or industrial cleaning on a large scale.