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Drain and Sewer Cleaning

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Discover the cutting-edge DTK Harben Trailer – your ultimate solution for drain and sewer cleaning. As an official Harben dealer, we are thrilled to introduce this industry game-changer. The DTK Harben Trailer, equipped with the powerful ‘P’ type radial piston pump, can handle drains up to 300mm in diameter, excelling in unblocking, descaling, and root cutting tasks.

What sets this trailer jetter apart is its innovative Jump Jet system, reducing friction in cable ducts for extended reach. Plus, the high-pressure diaphragm ensures consistent performance. As your trusted Harben dealer, we proudly offer this UK and EU compliant trailer with radio and manual control options, 500-liter plastic water tanks, and fast towing capabilities. Elevate your drain and sewer cleaning with the DTK Harben Trailer – contact us today for more information and experience the future of cleaning technology.


  • Suitable for drains up to 300mm
  • Ideal for unblocking, descaling & root cutting
  • 500 litre (110 gallon) plastic water tanks
  • Radio and Manual control options
  • Fast tow UK & EU compliant trailer



Model DTK 500 trailer
Pressure and Flow Up to 275 bar / Up to 55 litres per minute (4000 psi / 12 gpm)
Up to 350 bar / Up to 41 litres per minute (5000 psi / 9 gpm)
Up to 415 bar / Up to 32 litres per minute (6000 psi / 7 gpm)
Pump Harben® ‘P’ type radial piston diaphragm
Engine Stage 5 emission compliant water cooled diesel
Water Tank Twin interconnected water storage tanks with a total capacity of 500 litres (110 gallons)
Frame Box section steel shot blasted and powder coated
Hose Reel Variable-speed hydraulic-rewind hose reel with 120m high-pressure hose capacity
Dimensions 3290 mm long x 1690 mm wide x 1350 mm high *
Weight Dry weight from 1000kg dry or 1500kg full * (Plated weight is 1600 kgs)
Suggested Accessories – 1/2” Standard jetting hose – 90m (300ft)
– 3 x 1/2” Standard drain jets (3r, 3r1f & 6r)
– 1/2” Safety leader hose – 3m (10ft)
– 1/2” Drain jet extension – 9”
– Inlet hose reel

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