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DTK Harben Trailer

Power: diesel

Max Pressure: 275 BAR

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The new DTK trailer drain jetter delivers huge cleaning power of 4,000 psi at 12 gpm. P pump can drive the hose deep into sewers blocked with silt, fat, scale or roots, restoring flow in a matter of minutes. It has jetting power to clean 300mm drains quickly and professionally.

Optional Accessories:

  • Radio control
  • Inlet hose reel
  • Jump jet kit
  • Anti freeze kit
  • Safety leader hose
  • Tiger tail
  • 1/2” Standard drain jets
  • Rotary descaling jets
  • Mini jet kit
  • 9” Drain jet extension
  • Spray gun
  • Hose safety shroud
  • Safety equipment (PPE)

Additional information


275 Bar


55 LPM


DTK Harben Trailer Specification Sheet Downloads

DTK Trailer Drain Jetter

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