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Concrete Scabbling & Surface Retexturing

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Water Jet Concrete Scabbling

Scabbling or scappling is a technique used to roughen up surfaces or reduce concrete levels by removing a thin layer from the top. Scabbling is typically completed with pressurised air equipment. However, with water jet scabbling this effect is created using specialist equipment that applies highly pressurised water to the targeted concrete. Scabbling can be used to prepare areas for repair, create more grip by roughing up surfaces, decorative effects and much more.  

Water jetting makes our scabbling process much safer than traditional forms of concrete removal, limiting the chances of operatives inhaling dangerous silica dust by dampening any dust clouds. At Hydroblast, we prioritise the safety of our operatives by investing in top of the range remote control equipment, meaning that we can often keep staff away from the blast zone. All of our operatives are competent and provided with the appropriate respiratory protective equipment (RPE). Our robots are also incredibly accurate and efficient, so we can achieve professional, consistent results with minimal downtime.

Why Use Concrete Scabbling?

Concrete scabbling can have many uses in industry. For example, a slightly uneven surface can provide more friction. In the case of forklift operations, rugged surfaces allow for better grip of the tyres, which is essential when driving and braking whilst moving objects.

Scabbling is also an excellent preparation technique for concrete. It is often used to remove contaminants, adhesives, markings or coatings prior to further work such as sealing or grouting. It can also be used for decorative purposes, creating a different effect to an even concrete surface.

Reduce Safety Hazards by Creating the Right Road Textures

When it comes to roads, safety is of the highest importance. Roads can sometimes lose their anti-skid properties due to years of use, which results in potentially dangerous road surfaces. To resolve this issue, road surface retexturing can restore roads to a safe and practical surface.

Using the right technique for retexturing roads is crucial to reduce the down-time of roads and to also make sure that no unwanted damage is inflicted to the road or surrounding areas. Our high-pressure water jetting equipment is a great solution for road surface retexturing, helping to restore roads to their former quality and improve safety for those using the road.
By using powerful jets of UHP water, our team at Hydroblast are able to blast away the ‘tar binder’ from the surface of the road and restore it back to the clean, anti-skid surface that it used to be.

Scabbling in Action
Scabbling in Action

This technique of road surface retexturing helps to not only improve the surface of the roads, but also cut down on any unnecessary expenditure. This is because the method of using water jets requires far less maintenance and repair work, meaning that roads can be retextured much quicker than alternative methods would be able to do.

With our top of the range apparatus here at Hydroblast, the task of retexturing roads becomes quick, easy, and efficient. We have experience in road surface retexturing on small and large scales, and we are happy to answer any questions should you have them. Get in touch to find out about our method of retexturing roads with water jets.

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