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Education is an incredibly important factor in our business that’s why we pride ourselves on having our staff undertake hydrodemolition training courses regularly to maintain our incredibly high standards.

As part of our Staff’s continual professional development, Aquajet’s Dennis Hilmersson has visited us in North Yorkshire for Hydroblast staff to renew their Aquajet training Academy certification.

Hydrodemolition Training: Practical makes perfect

The course was set in both the classroom and outside. with theory side covered in both environments.

Hydroblast Hydrodemolition practical training

The program consisted of streamlining, safety and technique, servicing and maintenance of high pressure pumps (powerpack) and robotic equipment. The course took a total of 3 days.

Hydrodemolition equipment that Hydroblast operate is state of the art. We continuously invest in new products and the renewal of existing equipment to stay up to date.

The training includes the basics of high-pressure pumps, tooling and accessories. Staff are trained to use equipment safely, as well as maximise equipment potential. We do this so we can achieve our client’s high expections of us.

Hydroblast training area

Hydroblast has its own dedicated training area where the practical could be done.

Due to business’s current working demands, the training required splitting staff up so the other half of the team will be trained at a later date.

We cast three concrete blocks in December with various rebar configurations to get a realistic piece of concrete that we typically come across.

Concrete blocks being created for training

The practical test proceeded the classroom tests. Now having to Use their new knowledge in a controlled environment.

Hydrodemolition practical training.

Our staff commented very positively on the course . In addition most of our team members felt more comfortable using the equipment. Therefore many team members learned new more efficient ways of using their tools.

Concrete used in hydrodemolition training

If you would like to learn more please contact Hydroblast.