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Water Jet Paint Removal

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Professional Paint Removal Service

Paint is used in all kinds of settings, providing a decorative and protective covering for vehicles, walls, floors and machinery. But what happens when you need to remove paint from a particular surface? This can be a very difficult job, particularly when you want to limit any damage which could be caused to the surrounding area.

At Hydroblast, we regularly perform industrial paint removal for factories and warehouses, in addition to our road marking removal service. Our high pressure water jetting equipment is also able remove built-up layers of paint or protective varnish. We’ll even remove extremely hard substances such as epoxy resins prior to your machines or surfaces being repainted.

water jet paint removal example

High Pressure Water Jetting for Paint Removal

Paint remover, varnish remover, harsh solvents and chemicals are not always appropriate as they can be too corrosive on certain surfaces, not to mention the environmental and health hazards they pose. Using our expert equipment, we can avoid these risks altogether. Many of our projects can be completed without using chemicals; instead we are able to use hot water to remove the paint from walls, vehicles, floors etc.

Our highly-trained staff know how to use these machines to their optimum advantage, stripping away unwanted substances whilst preserving the surface being cleaned. Our professional paint removal services are time and cost-efficient, reducing any downtime for your business. We also invest in high-quality, quiet equipment that will minimise disruption. Enquire today, or read relevant case studies such as our project involving paint removal from concrete.

Hydroblast's professional paint removal service

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Don’t waste time with harsh chemicals and scrubbing – let Hydroblast do the work when it comes to paint and varnish removal. Contact us today for a quote or some advice.