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Concrete Removal & Cutting

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Water Jet Concrete Removal

At Hydroblast we are experts when it comes to concrete removal using high pressure water jets. We can offer top of the range equipment and highly experienced operatives to rework your damaged concrete surfaces, get rid of unwanted areas of concrete, and safely expose the underlying support structure or rebar.

How Do We Do It?

Concrete Removal by high pressure water jetting is the perfect way to efficiently get rid of the damaged concrete and make way for the new, while simultaneously providing an excellent surface for the new material to be applied. Hydroblast carry out concrete hydro demolition using state of the art Aqua Cutter robots.

Our robotic concrete removal equipment allows very precise control of the high pressure jets, which allows us to accurately target the right areas of concrete while leaving the steel structures intact.

As we are constantly updating our knowledge, training and equipment, our hydrodemolition robots are better than ever. They provide a superb performance, great efficiency and can work on either curved or flat surfaces with equal effectiveness.

Why Use Hydro Demolition for the Removal of Concrete ?

Hydrodemolition is a much better option than mechanical techniques such as chiselling or jackhammering, because unlike those methods it does not cause small cracks in the surrounding concrete or result in damage to the overall structure of the rebar.

concrete removal

Safer Alternative to Traditional Concrete Demolition Methods

High Pressure Water Jet Concrete Demolition is also much safer, faster and more effective than hand lancing, which is a simpler and more basic form of water jetting which is sometimes incorrectly referred to as hydrodemolition. The hydrodemolition technique evolved from the use of high pressure water jets for making holes, drilling, breaking up or cutting concrete. High pressure water jets have long been used as a way of efficiently destroying or breaking up a wide variety of different materials, especially concrete.

Extremely Versatile

The robotic concrete breaking units used by Hydroblast are extremely adaptable and can work horizontally, vertically and overhead as a standard feature. The different attachments allow the operator to perform different hydro demolition tasks such as clearing away concrete under water or beneath bridge decks. Hydro demolition is currently required to be used for the removal of old or damaged concrete under the latest European EN 1504 standards.

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Time Efficient

One of the main benefits of hydrodemolition is its speed and efficiency. The Aqua Cutter removes the old concrete at a much faster rate than the old jackhammers – even up to 25 times faster in many cases, which is an enormous difference.


The Aqua Cutter can perform selective demolition, which means the concrete will be accurately removed down to a set depth and no further than this. This leaves a craggy texture behind which offers an excellent surface for new materials to bond. This is in contrast to traditional jackhammers, which typically leave the surface flatter and therefore less suitable for bonding with the new concrete.

concrete demolition back to rebar

What Is Water Jet Concrete Cutting?

Concrete Cutting is achieved using the Hydrodemolition method. Over periods of time concrete deteriorates and needs to be re-applied however concrete must first be cut. There are many methods to choose from when concrete cutting including demolition, quick fixes or Hydrodemolition.

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Hydrodemolition is an efficient and safe way to cut concrete. At Hydroblast, we use the Aqua Jet Systems such as the Aqua Cutter to carry out this task. Using Robotic Hydrodemolition allows power, speed and most importantly precision with all types of concrete cutting. Our Aqua Jet equipment is extremely versatile and can be used in a wide range of environments such as Roads, Bridges, Runways and Power Plants.

The Aqua Jet Systems are built with an EDS (Equal Distance System) which allows the operator to decide to what depth and where the concrete should be cut. Once the right depth has been achieved, the power head can then move either up or down depending on the settings the operator provided providing precision concrete cutting.

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