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The Eco-Friendly Demolition Method of Hydrodemolition

In the 21st Century it has become an accepted priority that all work and activities must be carried out in a way that does as little harm as possible to the environment. This is particularly true of any building reconstruction or demolition work, where traditionally concern has been limited only to removing the building in a way to quickly reconstruct, with little or no attention paid to the consequences and effects on the surrounding territory. At Hydroblast we are proudly committed to ensuring that the safest, cleanest and most efficient of demolition services are possible with our unique hydrodemolition skills, services and equipment.

What are the Environmental Benefits of Hydrodemolition?

Our approach is to harness the power of water, through industrial jetting, to perform demolition work. There are many advantages to this approach, with the prime and most visible being how much more environmentally sound and protective this approach is when compared with other traditional methods. The avoidance of using explosives is highly desirable from a Health & Safety perspective alone, but not having to use or resort to explosives is importantly highly beneficial to the environment and the surrounding areas of where the demolition work is to take place.

Environmental Benefits of Hydrodemolition

Additional Benefits of Using Hydrodemolition

Precision Cutting

There are undeniable environmental benefits of hydrodemolition, however the efficiency and precision offered by hydroblasting is also advantageous. Our innovative equipment and effective approach means that partial demolition is now a possibility. In the past needing to remove one area of a structure often meant manual, labour intensive dismantling had to happen. The efficiency and ease with which our high powered industrial jetting can be applied means that only the concrete that needs to be removed can be removed efficiently and ergonomically, all done in a manner that limits significantly the damage done to the structural integrity of the rest of the building.


Hydrodemolition also offers considerably more in the way of versatility than manually intensive demolition work. Specific areas marked for demolition that seemed inaccessible become accessible with the applications and solutions possible. For hard to access areas – in particular underground – we at Hydroblast have developed a Jet Frame system that can be collapsed and moved with ease through any entry point that allows a person to access. Our unique robotic service, the Aqua Cutter HVD, allows for hydrodemolition work to be carried out at heights and in areas considered either inaccessible to or far too dangerous for people to carry out demolition work in a close proximity to.

From our base in the heartland of Yorkshire, we at Hydroblast are able to present our hydrodemolition services across the UK, delivering excellent results with minimal damage to the environment. Our effective and efficient service is complemented by our highly competitive pricing. We are the leaders in providing the most cost effective and efficient means of demolition work possible to find.