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Man Entry Tank Cleaning

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Man Entry Tank Cleaning Methods

Hydroblast offer a range of tank cleaning services, including Man Entry Tank Cleaning. This is achieved using UHP Hand Lancing, and requires operatives to enter the tank. It often involves specialist equipment such as shorter lances and Hydroblast’s double gun system in order to comply with regulations regarding working in a confined space.

Man Entry Tank Cleaning offers a viable solution when the tank is not able to be cleaned remotely, and is carried out in different ways depending on the type of tank:


  • When the tank can be unbolted and tipped on its side, the operative is able to walk into it for cleaning.
  • If the tank cannot be moved, then operatives will be required to climb into the tank in order to clean it. This will require a selection of specialist skills and equipment.
man entry tank cleaning

Additional Equipment for Immobile Tanks

When the tank can’t be moved, operatives will be required to climb inside it to achieve a thorough clean. If this is the case, they may require a range of specialist equipment which is all supplied by Hydroblast.

  • Breathing apparatus and body harnesses.
  • Men trained in combined space entry
  • Tripods and winches
  • Gas monitors
  • Our double gun system which should only be used in confined spaces by a trained and competent operative. This should only be used when there is no option of removing the operative from the situation.

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