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Make Removing Bitumen Easier with Water Jetting

Removing Bitumen is notoriously difficult as it is an extremely stubborn substance. Unless the process is carried out carefully it can often damage the surface it is being removed from. Removing Bitumen can be done through a lot of elbow grease and a scrubbing brush. However, Hydroblast can remove bitumen using high pressure hot water jetting and a careful choice of pressure levels and nozzles.

Bitumen. also known as Asphalt, is an incredibly useful material which is used in a wide range of places. However bitumen is a very stubborn material, this makes it great for surfaces however not so great for being able to remove.

There are many methods which people use to try to remove bitumen however most of these methods require a lot of patience and elbow grease – often ending in very poor results. Bitumen is difficult to remove – under normal circumstances – however with the help of water jetting equipment this task can be made a lot easier.

With the use of high pressure water jetting equipment, Bitumen and tar can be removed from a wide range of areas including:

  • Vehicles
  • Equipment
  • Machinery
  • Buildings
  • Surfaces

Why is High Pressure Water Jetting the Solution?

The use of High Pressure Water Jetting is becoming more and more common for the use of Industrial Cleaning but why are companies choosing this method over more traditional cleaning methods? High Pressure Water Jetting is an incredibly effective method for cleaning as the sheer power which comes out of these machines can clean pretty much anything.

To remove bitumen successfully you ideally need two things – time and patience. Being the stubborn material that it is, it can take a lot of effort to be removed and as we mentioned earlier, in some cases bitumen is often deemed impossible to remove. The use of high pressure water jetting makes this task a lot easier, the power from the jets remove any bitumen off the surface without damaging the actual surface.

If you have an area of piece of equipment which is covered in bitumen and you would like to use our services then contact Hydroblast directly for more information and a quote.