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Why Bother with Training/Accreditation?

We are passionate about the health and safety of our staff and promoting this message across the industry. Our courses educate participants on water jetting safety so they can operate high pressure equipment with minimal risks. The Water Jetting Association sets out the benefits to everyone involved in the water jetting industry, for employers:

• WJA training sets a benchmark for skills and operational standards;
• It supports safe, productive and sustainable water jetting practice;
• It supports workforce development and key operative retention, and
• It provides quality assurance for prospective customers

And for your staff:

• Successful candidates are registered with the WJA international database.
• Successful candidates are issued with a certificate and a WJA photo-ID card, detailing courses passed.
• WJA water jetting training is recognised by employers and is required by many contractors.

Investing in our training will ensure that your employees’ knowledge is accurate and valid. Your customers will be reassured that you are a responsible employer and the HSE will see that you take your legal responsibilities seriously.

Accidents are all too frequent in industry, water jetting accidents can result in severe injuries to the operator and anyone within the vicinity. By training staff, you are demonstrating commitment not only to complying with the Health & Safety legislation but also to your staff, sending them a message that they are valued.

Training your staff enables them to gain information that will support them to carry out their role more efficiently and help to avoid accidents. Accidents can be devastating for both injured person and their family and for the company. Training also supports your ISO 9000 and enables you to work for ISO accredited organisations.

Our Main Objectives ensure that everyone involved in the industry can:

  • Have a detailed knowledge of all the hazards associated with pressure washing
  • Understand the principles of the more commonly used items of pressure washer equipment and systems
  • Have a clear understanding of the special needs for maintenance, inspection and testing of pressure washing equipment on a regular basis
  • Understand the potential hazards of incorrect assembly or other misuse of water jetting hoses, guns, lances and nozzles
  • Have a detailed knowledge of the nature of water jetting injuries and the action to be taken in the event of an accident
  • Understand the requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE) and its limitation in service
  • Understand the correct safety procedures necessary for pressure washing operations
  • Have a detailed knowledge and awareness of the applicable Code of Practice for the Use of Water Jetting Equipment and associated legislation.

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