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Line Removal

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What Is Line Removal?

Line Removal is the process of removing both thermoplastic and paint lines.

Road markings are designed as a permanent feature and so it takes specialist equipment to be able to effectively remove markings without causing damage to the underlying road surface.

At Hydroblast, we use UHP Water Jetting to effectively remove unwanted road markings. This method is beneficial because it quickly removes markings without the need for any damaging chemicals or abrasive techniques.

The equipment that we use is small and nimble, allowing Hydroblast to specialise in line removal in tight and hard to reach areas. Playgrounds, car parks, and road marking corrections are tasks we complete regularly because we can cater for your specific location.

Our equipment is extremely powerful and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. For more benefits and unique selling points of our equipment please find out more.

Bus Bay Road Marking Removal

We are the UK’s only water jetting company that is ISO registered to 9001/14001/45001. One example of our high-quality work and professional standards is our water jet Bus bay road marking removal.

We operate a Aqua 14 2800 bar Hammelmann machines, with a combined pressure of up to 2800 bar. Using these machines allows us to have pressure from 1800 bar upward, minimising damage to the surfaces, and capable of removing even very stubborn road markings.

The innovative system is safe to use as it does not create any flying debris and with no smoke or fumes, it cuts down on pollution of the surrounding environment.
We were asked to clean away some out of date road markings by Swansea City Council. We used this system to remove the existing green bus bays and get the road ready for the new bus routes which were being introduced.

School ‘Keep Clear’ Line Removal

Our road marking removal service is extensive and is requested for a variety of reasons. One such circumstance came about when a North West-based road marking contactor got in touch with us to clean away a number of ‘SCHOOL KEEP CLEAR’ makings outside of a school, the reason being that these markings were outdated and needing to be replaced with new ones.

As with all of our jobs, preparing the area and ensuring the safety of others is an absolute priority. Before work started, we made sure that the area was secure by marking it off with cones and putting up warning signs. It’s important to have these precautions in place for the safety of passers-by, particularly for locations such as a school which can get busy and involves children.

To carry out the line removal, we used our ultra high-pressure water jetting unit to clear away the markings on the road. Our unit was able to safely and efficiently remove the markings and finally, a road sweeper was brought in to get rid of any residual debris, leaving the whole area clear and ready for the brand new markings.

Intricacy is needed for such a job, making our use of small and nifty water jetting equipment ideal. Should larger and more traditional equipment be used, the whole road would need to be closed and the line removal would be disruptive. Our client was therefore extremely pleased with our process.

We have carried out many line removals over the years, with our services being required for a number of reasons. In some cases, road markings have needed to be removed due to an error in layout or spelling (see image below). Alternatively, road layouts sometimes need changing, in which case it is necessary to remove the current road markings to make way for new ones.

If you require more information about how we can help you with our road marking removal service, get in touch using the below form and we will be happy to help.

Rumble Strip Removal

The location: A595 Parton to Lillyhall dual carriageway, which bypasses Distington, Common End and Howgate.

The new bypass was completed, but could not be opened yet. This was because there were problems with alignment of the road markings, which would result in danger for drivers on the road if it was not rectified.

The white lining contractor had taken away the raised part of the rumble strip, leaving behind a ghostly outline.

Our experienced operatives were brought in to clear away the remaining parts of the rumble strip, clearing the way for the new road markings to be applied.

As the road surface was solid and brand new, we could turn up the pressure on the Trail Jet to 2000 bar pressure. Our operatives combined this pressure with a consistent forward walking movement for steady, efficient removal of the lines.

This work was carried out in the dead of winter, meaning that we only had a few hours of daylight in which to work.

Our progress was also affected by snow and frost. However, due to our experience in these kinds of tasks and our well-maintained, powerful equipment, we were able to successfully remove more than 8KM of stubborn rumble strip.

The work was completed on time and left the client with a clear stretch of road, ready for the new markings.

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