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Line Removal

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What Is Line Removal?

Line Removal is the process of removing both thermoplastic and paint lines.

Road markings are designed as a permanent feature and so it takes specialist equipment to be able to effectively remove markings without causing damage to the underlying road surface.

At Hydroblast, we use UHP Water Jetting to effectively remove unwanted road markings. This method is beneficial because it quickly removes markings without the need for any damaging chemicals or abrasive techniques.

The equipment that we use is small and nimble, allowing Hydroblast to specialise in line removal in tight and hard to reach areas. Playgrounds, car parks, and road marking corrections are tasks we complete regularly because we can cater for your specific location.

Our equipment is extremely powerful and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. For more benefits and unique selling points of our equipment please find out more.

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