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Concrete Cutting

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What Is Water Jet Concrete Cutting?

Concrete Cutting is achieved using the Hydrodemolition method. Over periods of time concrete deteriorates and needs to be re-applied however concrete must first be cut. There are many methods to choose from when concrete cutting including demolition, quick fixes or Hydrodemolition.

Hydrodemolition is an efficient and safe way to cut concrete. At Hydroblast, we use the Aqua Jet Systems such as the Aqua Cutter to carry out this task. Using Robotic Hydrodemolition allows power, speed and most importantly precision with all types of concrete cutting. Our Aqua Jet equipment is extremely versatile and can be used in a wide range of environments such as Roads, Bridges, Runways and Power Plants.

The Aqua Jet Systems are built with an EDS (Equal Distance System) which allows the operator to decide to what depth and where the concrete should be cut. Once the right depth has been achieved, the power head can then move either up or down depending on the settings the operator provided providing precision concrete cutting.

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    Benefits of Using Hydrodemolition for Concrete Cutting

    • Safer
    • Versatile- Suitable to be used in many tasks such as Bridge Cutting
    • Precision
    • Efficient
    • Ability to cut geometrical shapes