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Aqua Spine

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Aqua Spine | The Multi Modular System For All Surfaces

The Aqua Spine goes where hydrodemolition robots cannot. This system contains a spine, surprisingly, which is the backbone and unique selling point of this model. With the addition of the spine, the system is strong, durable and extremely flexible to be able to work on a range of hydrodemolition tasks where hydrodemolition robots may struggle.

The spine can be adjusted to increase or decrease in size to adhere to the task ahead and can be positioned horizontally, vertically or free standing. The Aqua Spine comes equipped with support legs which can be bolted to floors or ceilings and brackets for vertical work. The multi modular system of the Aqua Spine allows it to thrive in all locations and adapt to work with what would otherwise be seen as difficult tasks.

Overall Product Benefits

  • Resizeable as operators add or remove additional spine sections when required
  • Space saving as the Aqua Spine brackets can be mounted directly onto a surface
  • Ability to operate in narrow spaces
  • Can be operated underwater as well as on land
  • The Aqua Spine system can reach areas where Aqua Cutter robots cannot
  • Easily adjustable stroke setting to improve concrete removal

Design Advantages of the Aqua Spine

  • Equal Distance System (EDS)
    This tool keeps a preset distance from the nozzle to the concrete surface which reduces wasted energy and keeps the water-jetting at a consistent and powerful speed.
  • Two Rail Systems
    The system has two different rail systems which operators can use when required for different tasks. The dual rail system is beneficial for use in confined areas. A triple rail system is suitable for longer free span areas of up to 6 meters between supports, the system is ideal for vertical, horizontal or free standing positions.
  • Versatility
    The Aqua Spine is a system which can be used in a variety of situations whether they are located on or off shore. The spine can be positioned horizontally supported by ceilings or floors, vertically or free standing. Additionally the Aqua Spine can have a circular power head attachment which aids work on pillars above or below water.

Locations to use the Aqua Spine

  • Scaffolding Structures
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Hydro Power Plants
  • Piers/Berths
  • Additional Onshore Construction
  • Additional Offshore Construction

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