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Water Jetting For Bridges

Bridges can often be a difficult structure to perform work on. They are often exposed and difficult to get to the area where you need to perform work or repairs. Alongside this they suffer from wear and tear due to the weather and other elements, constant use by vehicles (and potentially impacts from them)

Bridges have various parts that we can use our technology on. The bridge deck is the top of the bridge which suffers wear and tear due to weather and constant use. This often require replacement, and as such we have the ability to remove the old surface, and then prepare the bridge for adding new concrete and a waterproof layer.

Beams and parapets can be renovated using our robots in order to ensure that any unwanted concrete is removed and rebar stays intact. Beams and parapets can be sued to widen a bridge’s structure, to do this then existing concrete must be removed, our robots can get into the difficult to reach areas safely and efficiently, whilst not causing damage to the rebar.

Bridge joints are important for structural integrity, there for in order to repair them, our machinery can be used to break off existing concrete without damaging post-tensioned cables, and brackets or attachments within the joint.

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