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Water Jetting in Ports

Ports are busy spaces that need to be run with clockwork efficiency. Therefore any maintenance that is required needs to be quick and effective. Berths and piers in a dock or harbour are subject to all manner of stresses such as waves, the weather, impacts from machinery and ships, salt water and freeze thaw cycles.

As such the concrete often needs replacing, and our innovative technology allows for renovation and repair of a wide range of structures.  We have a selection of highly advanced, remote-controlled robots which can perform underwater hydrodemolition, which is concrete removal below the waterline.

Our highly versatile equipment can be used for widening and renovation of concrete structures, both below and over the waterline. You can go down to solid concrete or completely remove all concrete in a 3-side operation. The rebar is left intact.

As well as this, you can use the AquaCutter to go underneath the deck, with a reach of 3 meters underneath when using its attachment the AquaSpine. Surface repair can also be done using our robots, alongside surface preparation by concrete scabbling.

If you require any of these tasks, or other hydrodemolition services, then contact us today and we will help provide the right solution for you. Our tools and expertise are ideal for a range of requirements to the maritime industry.

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