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Hydrodemolition and Water Jetting for Roads

One of the most common applications of water jetting that we handle is that of road renovation.  Roads are key to a good infrastructure and as such repairs, renovation and general maintenance need to be done quickly and effectively in order to ensure that there is the minimum of inconvenience to the public.

Hydroblast are experts when it comes to surface preparation, our robotic techniques for concrete scabbling mean that resurfacing is a quick and simple process. To successfully fix a bad road you’ll need to repair, level, clean and coat the surface with a binding agent. Our products provide precise and fast removal of concrete and rubber, but also a superior bonding surface.

A well-used concrete road will over time be polished and very slippery. High pressure water is the best way to roughen up the surface again. Road markings are also a key part of the road, and as such need to be kept in pristine condition. Water jetting can quickly and efficiently remove old ones which can be replaced.

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