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Using Water Jets for Cleaning Roofs

Roofs can become built up with moss and mould, which when left can damage the surface and lead to porous roof tiles. Cleaning roofs is one of the services which we offer which uses hot water jetting rather than high pressure.

The hot water kills the moss and mould, and prevents it from coming back easily. Roof and tile cleaning mean that the surface will look nicer, but also helps with roof preservation, avoiding costly repairs and tile replacement.

Why is Roof Cleaning Important?

Roofs are often a part of the building which is forgotten about when it comes to cleaning yet ignoring your roofing needs can lead to a whole host of problems which are often irreversible.

Over time roofs can get incredible dirty due to weather conditions such as rain and fog, air pollution deposits and bird droppings. This can lead to the growing of moss, algae and lichens.

It is important to have roofs regularly cleaned not only for aesthetic reasons but to maintain the value of the building. Keeping tiles, slates and other roof materials clean and free from dirt deposits will allow rain water to flow away more freely allowing your roof to dry quicker and reduce any blockages from piling up in crevices.

Using Hot Water Jetting for Cleaning Roofs

We opt to use hot water jetting for cleaning roofs as opposed to high pressure jetting for a number of reasons. High Pressure Water Jetting is a powerful tool used for a range of jobs including Hydrodemolition, Concrete Cutting and Pipe Cleaning. Using this kind of power when cleaning roofs can lead to damaged or broken tiles, the stripping of materials from the tiles making them prone to corrosion and leading to a shortened tile life expectancy. Replacing roofing tiles regularly is a job which nobody wants to do and for this reason we use hot water jetting instead.

Hot Water Jetting is a less powerful tool for cleaning roofs yet still very effective. This process allows you to remove any excess moss and dirt without damaging the roof tiles. Hot Water Jetting is cost effective and time efficient leaving your building with a roof that you can be proud of.

Watch the video below to see the Roof Cleaning process in action!

If you would like to find out more, get a quote for water jet roof cleaning, or just some advice, contact Hydroblast directly.