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Tank Cleaning is a necessary part of keeping your operations running at a high standard of quality, efficiency and cleanliness. It will keep you compliant with regulations, and it can be carried out effectively with the help of our ultra high pressure (UHP) water jetting equipment.

tank cleaning serviceOur Tank Cleaning Service Methods

At Hydroblast, we aim to avoid entering the tanks whenever possible. This is an important part of protecting our operatives, as if they’re outside of the blast area then they’re less prone to injuries.

Known as remote tank cleaning, this service can be achieved with the Stoneage Torus TR-130. The Torus is a water jet nozzle that features a powerful 360-degree design. It can clean all sides of the tank consistently, and our operatives can easily operate it without entering the tank themselves.

By investing in new and innovative equipment such as this, we can continually improve the service that we are providing our customers, and better manage the risks for those involved.


However, there are some instances when we are required to enter tanks in order to clean them. This is why we ensure that our experienced staff are fully trained to perform work within these confined environments. Our man-entry tank cleaning service can will require either:

  • The operative to walk into the tank to clean it. This can happen when the tank can be unbolted and tipped on its side
  • The operative to climb into the tank. This option occurs when the tank can’t be unbolted from the ground, and it may require specialist equipment such as breathing apparatus, gas monitors and our double gun system.

No matter which process we use, our chosen equipment has been specifically designed to help reduce the amount of in-tank time and eliminate any need for scaffolding. This results in better safety and efficiency, as well as lower costs.

We clean many types of industrial-sized tanks, including:

  • Ballast Tanks
  • Reactor Tanks
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Mixing Tanks
  • Storage Tanks

Safe Working Environment

The safety of our operatives is something we’re very passionate about, and we believe that the correct training is a vital part of reducing risk. As a member of the Water Jetting Association, we have access to training courses which ensure that our staff have the knowledge and expertise to handle these situations.

We also offer our water jetting training to customers. We proactively monitor our progress with all updates and legislative changes to the Code of Practice for Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting Equipment. Therefore, you can be confident we will train you to the highest of standards.

We work closely with you throughout the entire process and ensure that you are kept completely up to date with information and guidelines. We guarantee our commitment to delivering the optimum level of communication and service.

We offer the flexibility of choosing between our staff carrying out the required work on a contractual or one-off basis. We also supply machinery for purchase and deliver nationwide. If rental is the more suitable option for your business then we will deliver your machinery and train your team on-site.

Hydroblast Ltd. offer a complete range of high pressure water jetting services to suit different industries and applications. We are an approved WJA training company, and we also sell a wide range of water jetting equipment. Want to know more? Get in touch today.