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Waste Water Treatment

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Safe Waste Water Treatment For Hydrodemolition

The waste water produced during hydrodemolition needs to be dealt with safely. This is why we offer safe waste water treatment. Many clients ask whether we are able to recycle the water we use– the answer? Yes and no.

It’s vital to have plenty of clean water for the hydrodemolition process as our high-pressure water pumps cannot use recycled or salt water. The specification of the quality of water can be found here.

water jetting waste water treatment - pH measure
waste water treatment truck

We’re able to deliver clean water to the location of the work, using trucks which pull 30,000 litre road tankers. We’re also able to handle the contaminated water which is produced during the water jetting process. During hydrodemolition, water will be produced with a pH as high as 13. It’s crucial to handle this water in a safe and responsible manner, which we are dedicated to doing in order to protect the environment. This water cannot simply be poured down drains or put into water courses, as this would be harmful to the environment.

Instead, we use our extensive knowledge of the business and our specialist equipment to reduce the pH to below 7 and reduce the total solids to below 100mg /litre. This renders the water safe for entering back into the environment, with no worries about polluting the surroundings. Once the water has been put through our treatment system you will have total peace of mind knowing that the work has been done properly and that your business is operating in an eco-friendly way.

Useful Information

This government discharges to surface water and groundwater information may be interesting to you if you would like to learn more about this process.

Safe water treatment is so important and we are committed to providing not only the most outstanding hydrodemolition services available in the UK, but also the means of treating and disposing of waste water responsibly. Contact us today for more information.

Hydroblast performing waste water treatment

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