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Using Industrial Water Jetting in Hydrodemolition Projects

Offering versatility, affordability and accuracy, industrial water jetting can be used to perform a wide range of demolition tasks. Advancements in technology and continual investment has led to better robots and increased safety for operatives. The method also causes minimal impact on the environment, unlike traditional types of demolition which involve explosives and high levels of noise. Our waste water treatment process will also prevent unnecessary damage or contamination to the site’s surroundings.

At Hydroblast, we are firm believers in the use of industrial jetting for demolition projects. High-powered water use has proven effective time and time again, even with challenging projects that require us to perform underwater hydrodemolition or work at height. Using industrial water jets for demolition will also leave a superior bonding surface that is ready for the application of new coatings.

With an increase in demand for hydrodemolition experts, we aim to provide customers with a complete solution to their demolition requirements. We are prepared to perform both partial and full demolition work, using the latest hydroblasting technology to achieve consistent results.

industrial water jetting demolition aqua spine machine

How Industrial Water Jetting Works

Industrial water jetting requires the use of specialist equipment, such as the advanced Aqua Cutter System and innovative technology such as the Equal Distance System (EDS) which is integrated into our robots. This ensures that our jetting can offer consistent results. It can also reduce the amount of waste energy by limiting the distance that the water stream must travel from the nozzle to the surface.

Robots such as the Aqua Cutter also keep operatives out of the blast zone, so they are less likely to be injured whilst at work. The robots also aren’t reliant on the performance and judgement of the individual, removing the element of human error during the demolition process.

However, it is essential that operatives are fully competent in running the machinery. In most cases, hydrodemolition work can be carried out via manual application of EDS equipment or through using the remote, robotic Aqua Cutter for areas that are difficult or complex to access.

In particularly difficult and hard-to-reach areas, we are able to use equipment such as the Aqua Spine to meet specific requirements and needs.

Industrial jetting using the Aqua Spine allows us to demolish concrete at height, for example with power plants, as well as on offshore structures, piers and quaysides. As the EDS system removes vibration from the process, you are also assured that no structural damage affects buildings within its proximity.


How We Approach Hydrodemolition

Hydroblast are always investing in new methods and equipment to keep our staff safe and offer the best results for customers. Our unique approach and innovative systems can be tailored to your requirements, ensuring that your demolition task can be completed professionally and safely. We have set a high standard in the efficient use of industrial jetting for hydrodemolition projects.

To learn more about any of our water jetting services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today by calling 01677 424542.