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Water Jet Paint Removal From Concrete

Today marked the completion of Hydroblast’s third visit to our regular client in Gateshead. Our task in this instance was to remove paint on the building renovation using our paint removal services. For efficient and professional paint removal we use high pressure water jetting. 

The Task

For this task we used the Falch Trailjet 30. The versatility of the Falch TrailJet 30 500 bar proved to be the perfect machine for the job in hand. The Falch machine uses hot water (capable of 98 degrees C ) which strips the paint from the concrete using only 400 bar at 70 degrees. That’s nearly twice as fast as the power washer which the client was previously using for this task.

Although our industrial unit has significantly more power than the clients power washer, it’s very quiet meaning the residents nearby were also happy. The speed was achieved using the point speed 5 and a rotating nozzle containing 4 sapphire tips in. Both of these are available to buy online.

The estimated completion of the project is 5 weeks, leaving another 2 visits for Hydroblast attendance.paint gateshead 1 paint removal

Our Paint Removal Service

Paint is used in all kinds of settings including decoration for walls, protective covering for floors, vehicles and much more. Over time paint can lose its colour, become warn or even start to peel of in some areas. Trying to remove paint from these types of places can take a lot of effort and especially in industrial settings, can take a lot of time due to the sheer amount of space which paint often covers.

Removing paint with paint remover, varnish remover and harsh solvents and chemicals isnt always the best solution as these ingredients can often be too corrosive on surfaces leaving the area damaged. Instead of using risky methods, we opt to use High Pressure Water Jetting. By using only water, this method is beneficial to the environment and there are no fumes which are being created and its also not going to damage or corrode the area which is being worked on.

Whether you are needing a factory floor cleaned, or any other type of paint removed – Hydroblast provide the best paint removal service which is time and cost efficient. If you are in need of our Paint Removal services then contact Hydroblast today and we can offer you are quote for your job.