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TST Suit 10/28 – 20/30

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Yellow protection (10/28) – 2800 bar rotor jet, 1000 bar single jet.

Orange protection (20/30) – 3000 bar rotor jet, 2000 bar single jet.

Gamma complete kit includes trousers and a jacket with integrated hand protection.

Sigma complete kit includes waistcoat and an overall with integrated hand protection.

Gaitors provide added protection outside regular protective boots. They protect the entire foot and leg area and have easily adjustable straps to ensure they stay in place.

Balaclavas are made from neoprene to keep the body dry. It offers no protection against water jets.

House shrouds improve the safety of hoses and are placed on the hose at the connection to the lance to protect the operator if the coupling or hose breaks.

Grease remover is specially formulated for TST clothing. It is mixed with water and applied to the clothing with a brush.

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Yellow protection (10/28), Orange protection (20/30)

Grease Remover

Yes, No


Gamma, Sigma, Gaitors, Balaclavas, House Shrouds