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The Simple Solution to Road Marking Removal

As a consequence of their design for permanence, when there is a requirement for road marking removal it can be demanding, challenging and expensive to do. Traditionally people have tended to accept that road markings are indeed permanent, and to remove them have taken approaches such as trying to cover them up, or go to the extreme of digging up the road surface that features them.

At Hydroblast, we provide a means to remove road markings in a way that is both effective and efficient, delivering a service that sees the quick and cost effective removal of unwanted road paint. Watch our video below to see us in action.

Understanding the Different Types of Road Marking

To ensure the successful removal of road markings it is essential to understand the composition of them. Most commonly road markings are either paint mixed with beads of retro-reflective glass or, for high visibility, enduring markings, and thermoplastic covering. Whereas on a day to day basis these look similar, bar paint fading quicker, knowing the difference between the two is the key to removing the markings effectively.

Removing road markings is always the best way to address changes being made. Simply painting over them does not last, and the extreme measure of digging up the road with markings on is both expensive and weakens the structural integrity of the entire road, making potholes and cracks all the more likely to appear.

In cases where road markings need to be redone as they are, using hydroblasting to clear away the existing markings and start again is a wise investment. Painting over the original lines and marks may seem sufficient, but paint applied to other paint or a thermoplastic surface will not be durable, requiring maintenance and reworking frequently.road marking removal

Hydroblast’s Road Marking Removal Service

At Hydroblast, when we are called upon to deliver our services and equipment for road marking removal, we analyse the substance on the surface to ensure that we use the right level and composition of jet blasting to perform our work. This allows for the double benefit of both ensuring the road markings are removed effectively and means the road surface itself is not damaged or negatively impacted.

We take pride in knowing that Hydroblast has become the number one name for providing the service of road marking removal services. From our base in Yorkshire we are able to provide our services across the whole of the UK, something that we have frequently been called upon to do. Whether you wish to carry out the work yourself with our leading Falch equipment or wish to use our full service, you will have our full support and the assurance that the work will be carried out to the highest professional level possible.

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