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Line Removal Task Outside a School

Recently Hydroblast was tasked by a school to for our line removal services to remove the yellow school keep clear road markings from the front entrance. Line removal is just one of the services which we provide at Hydroblast – whether it is school keep clear lines or road markings which need removed – we are happy to help!

The Task

One part of our task was that we were to complete the road marking line removal job outside of school hours to ensure the school could keep running correctly, of course we were happy to oblige. Our task force arrived later in the day to undertake this job. Line marking removal is a relatively simple task which requires no big machinery, all that was needed was a parking space large enough for a van and a small trailer. The whole operation took around an hour to complete.

Quick and Easy removal - Line Removal

Quick and Easy removal

Machinery Used

For this task we used the Scater 25, this machine causes very little damage to the concrete surface in comparison to other machines which are typically used. The Scater 25 is a quick and nimble system which can be used for all line removal tasks.

Our Trial Jet 100 is operated by being pulled along by a sprinter van, this is the power pack which springs the Scater 25 into action. For all line removal tasks we use high pressure water to ensure a high quality and professional finish. By using a combined water pressure of between 1400 and 1800 bar, this state of the art unit is capable of removing even the most stubborn of road markings.

The Scater 25 system is a preferred method of choice for this task as opposed to larger machines because of its small structure and safety characterisitics. This machine is incredibly safe to use because it doesn’t create any flying debris, smoke or fumes despite the high pressure of water being used. The lack of smoke and fumes is also beneficial to the environment as it cuts down on pollution.

Minimal road surface damage line removal

Minimal road surface damage from using the Scater 25

minimal fuss and damage school keep clear removed Line Removal

Minimal fuss and damage to this quiet street where the ‘school keep clear’ line has been removed

Are you in need of our line removal services? Contact Hydroblast today to find out more information on this method and how we can help your company today!