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What Is Pile Cropping?

Pile cropping is another important task that Hydroblast have pioneered a technique to handle. A lot of modern construction projects use piles as opposed to the traditional way of digging foundations. Dug foundations, especially on big projects such as skyscrapers, industrial buildings or projects like wind turbines are required to be deep – this often involves workers being in the trench a dangerous and risky place to be whit heavy machinery.

Deep foundations, are a more structurally sound way to build a new building – a pile is a vertical element of the deep foundation. Pile foundation systems have groups of piles connected by a pile cap – this is a large concrete block where the heads of the piles meet – this is to distribute more loads than a single pile can bear.

Pile cropping involves ensuring that the ends of the piles which come above ground are neatly cut down. There are a number of methods of doing this, water jet pile cropping is one way however it is not one that is commonly used. Alongside this then other options include using various cutting tools to cut the piles that can cause damage to the structural integrity of the reinforced concrete.

The Benefits of Water Jet Pile Cropping

There are a number of benefits of using water jetting in terms of pile cropping some of these include:

  • Speed – water jet pile cropping is a faster more efficient process than other methods. The automated process our machinery offers up means that we can do a large number of pile caps in a short space of time, which allows you to speed up your other processes
  • Productivity – speed leads to productivity, allowing you to get on with other parts of the job once the pile cropping has been done means that actual building work is closer to beginning than other methods as your men are not waiting for the task to be complete, thus saving you and your clients money
  • Safety of your team – using water jetting pile cropping is the safest method currently possible – pile cropping with cutting gear which requires your team to be in the vicinity of the process can be dangerous to the team member – using out advanced methods mean that the job is done safely
  • Building safety – the purpose of foundations of any kind, is to make sure that the building is safe and secure. Some methods that are used such as heavy machinery which cuts into the reinforced concrete that is used – this can cause heavy vibration and cracking which is below the surface and the damage could be severe.
  • Precision – using water jetting for your pile cropping is a much more precise way of doing the job than using machinery such as cutting gear. The water jets work by being an intense stream of water at ultra high pressure, therefore they are only coming out in a small focused point.


Water Jet Pile Cropping From Hydroblast

If pile cropping is something that you have a requirement for, then doing this with water jets is definitely something you should look into.

At Hydroblast, we have been pioneering the use of water jet technology for pile cropping. We have expert knowledge  in how to use water jets safely and efficiently for pile cropping alongside other forms of concrete cutting which help you get prepared for a range of construction tasks.