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Ship Paint Removal

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Operating pressure

Vehicle height of

Working height

Dockboy Applications

  • For ship hull bottoms and all kinds of rounded surfaces
  • Superstructures up to a height of 6,05 m (can be optionally expanded to 13 m) are possible
  • Can be used on ship decks, car decks, cargo decks and other flat floor surfaces
  • Extremely low vehicle height (only 1,26 m) – lower than most keel blocks

The DOCKBOY is equipped with the AQUABLAST Plus system

In combination with the direct, integrated Aquablast Plus vacuum system, the Dockboy ensures environmentally friendly derusting, plus the removal of old surface coatings and accumulated waste and wastewater.

  • The specially developed nozzle layout ensures that the high-pressure water is distributed evenly across the entire working width
  • Hydraulic drive for constant speeds, infinitely variable from 100 to 2500 rpm
  • Oil and water kept completely separate – contamination of the hydraulic oil as a result of significant pressure losses not possible
  • Cleaning and vacuuming integrated in a single system

Data Sheet

Max. operating pressure:

3000 bar

Recommended flow rate:

up to 47 l/min.

Min. vehicle height:

1,26 m

Vehicle width:

1,48 m

Jib (Working height):

up to 6,05 m up to 13 m

Vehicle length:

6,30 m 6,50 m


~ 5,0 t ~ 5,2 t

Swivel radius:

4,60 m 5,00 m

(depending on the Aquablast® Plus surface cleaners)


HDP 200

28 l/min 3000 bar

HDP 200

40 l/min 2800 bar

HDP 300

47 l/min 3000 bar

Working width

274 mm (optional)


Working parameters

28 – 47 l/min
2800 – 3000 bar

Working width

374 mm (optional)


Working parameters

28 – 47 l/min
2800 – 3000 bar

Working width

520 mm (optional)


Working parameters

47 l/min
2800 – 3000 bar


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