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How Water Jetting Can Brighten Up Your Garden

Have you recently cut the grass, trimmed the hedges or planted some flowers but notice your garden isn’t what it used to be? Are your stone slabs and paving covered in dirt and moss that seem impossible to get rid off? Did you answer Yes to these questions? Then Hydroblast has the solution for you with the use of our water jetting equipment!

Patio before and after

At Hydroblast, we don’t use chemicals, solvents or other damaging ingredients for garden cleaning. These harmful materials can often to more harm than good when it comes to cleaning. Initially these materials may be easier to buy, such as in large garden retailers, but the convenience in the products doesn’t mean that it’s the most effective solution.

At Hydroblast we use professional High Pressure Water Jetting equipment for garden cleaning as well as a whole host of other tasks such as building cleaning, paint and for industrial floor cleaning. When using the High Pressure Water Jetting equipment, we operate it at 98 degree C and up to 500 bar pressure at 30 litres per minute.

Watch this video to see the difference our Water Jetting Equipment can make to your patio

All We Need From You

  • 1/2″ garden tap
  • A water supply

Whether you would like your patio, backyard or driveway cleaned, we can help. Our Water Jetting Equipment can remove dirt, moss and weeds without mess, leaving you with a brand new outdoor area.

Why Choose Us?

You can trust us to clean equipment effectively and safely because in addition to our years of experience, we hold ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certificates as well as a membership to the WJA (Water Jetting Association).

We hope to hear from you soon when it comes to handling your Industrial Water Jetting needs, Call Ashton on 07538 539260 or Ross on 07729 940170 for a quote today!

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