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Using Water Jetting for Renovation

When preparing a metal roof for renovation, one must remove the old coatings, dirt and dust from it first. This includes rust and corrosion removal and paint removal. However it is imperative not to damage the surface below these coatings, this is why we use Water Jetting.

Why is Metal Roof Renovation Essential?

Roofs are not cheap nor are they easy to replace so keeping your roof in a good condition is important if you want to increase its life expectancy. Roofs are prone to damage and dirt build up due to weather conditions including rain and fog, air pollution deposits and bird droppings.

Over time, if a roof is left un-cleaned, you’ll notice algae, moss and other bacteria begin to grow. This bacteria may seem pretty harmless but the truth of it is that these bacteria are feeding, growing and spreading on your roof surface. This can lead to a damaged roof, blocked guttering and a shortened life expectancy of the roof.

Using High Pressure Water Jetting For Roof Renovation.

High Pressure Water Jetting is a fantastic tool which we use for Metal Roof Renovation, however this method should only be used on strong materials whereas hot power water jetting should be used on roof tiles used for houses.

We use high pressure jetting machinery from Falch to remove these layers of dirt without causing any damage to the roof itself, ensuring that the roof is ready for renovation and further applications.

Benefits of Using High Power Water Jetting

  • Improves the appearance of your building
  • Extends the life of the roof
  • Cost-Effective
  • Protection
  • Time Efficient

Watch the video below to see the Metal Roof Renovation process in action!

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