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Not one of our usual Water Jetting related posts, but Hydroblast has sourced PPE for the NHS to support them during COVID-19, by sending another box full of specialised PPE that marks our third shipment. We also provide an update on our Latest Operations.

Over 400 branded, high-quality, user-friendly respiratory particulate filters and 500 pre-filters have now been dispatched through our supply chains.

Times are proving difficult for everyone and we are proud to support where we can during this challenging time. PPE is in short supply for those on the front line who really need it and fight the virus. Through our suppliers, and most importantly having access to cheap suppliers, we were able to deliver. Suppliers throughout this time have been seen to significantly inflate prices, or were throttling regular supply, and that’s why Hydroblast’s contacts became invaluable.

Box of 400 particulate filters  Hydroblast have sourced and dispatched to the NHS to fight COVID-19
Box of 400 Particulate Filters. Full face respiratory Masks have also been sold and disposable masks sent to Italy.

It’s important we remain innovative, and always identifying solutions and support not only our industry but to help others. Some companies have been marking up products substantially during this pandemic, and we were able to source PPE for the NHS at cost price.

Thank You

The Hydroblast team would like to Thank everyone at the NHS who are doing a fantastic job.

Our Greatest gratitude and respect to volunteers, those who have come out of retirement, and people helping where they can. That includes everyone who is following guidelines staying at Home where possible, but also those who still are working keeping the country moving, key workers in manufacturing, construction, couriers and delivery services, including adapted take outs.

Finally, the Government also who are handling this the best they can.

Here’s what the NHS Said

“Thank you for getting that sorted and thanks again for your understanding. If you get hold of anymore, please by all means contact me. I hope the Government shuts down all this price fixing soon…”

Latest Operations Update

We have made reductions to our staffing levels, while maintaining critical customer support. Those staff are still part of our team and will be back with us when normality resumes. Our HQ is closed, but we are still open by appointment only. We have been doing emergency critical works including, road marking removals, and will be doing tank cleans for manufacturing plants and Hydrodemolition at Power Stations. Office staff are able to work from home. It’s important we still meet our customers demands whilst following the law!

Our usual PPE can be viewed here.

We are still able to answer the phone, answer e-mail, quote enquires, and dispatch spare parts (just like this one), we look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your understanding as we seek to protect our employees and their families.

Stay safe and healthy, we can do it if we all work together!