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Hydroblast works within many different industries on projects of all shapes and sizes. We approach every job differently, using our expertise and vast knowledge to pinpoint the best, most efficient and safest way to undertake the task at hand. Although every project is individually assessed, there are certain approaches which tend to work best in similar circumstances.

Small Scale Projects

At Hydroblast, we possess the very latest high and ultra-high pressure AquaJet water jetting apparatus. When tackling smaller projects, which require smaller amounts of concrete to be removed, we tend to adopt the hand lancing approach. On a typical day, this hand-held method of hydrodemolition can remove an area of 1m3 a day. Although this form of concrete removal is effective on a small scale, hand lancing hydrodemolition is a slow process which is very physically demanding. For an example of how powerful hand lances can be, watch this video of Hydroblast using a demolition jet with 2500 bar pressure at 20 litres per minute.

Large Scale Projects

When undertaking large scale projects and more challenging work, we opt for robotic machinery. There are several reasons why we have robots in the hydrodemolition sector, ranging from increased versatility to improved safety. However, the main reason why robotic hydrodemolition is the preferred method on larger jobs is because robots are generally 30% more effective and save an average of 25-40% of water when compared to manual hand lancing.

Earlier this year we used our ultra-high pressure robots to seal off Kellingley Colliery. To complete this large scale project, we brought in our AquaCutter 410A Evolution robot to blast the pit shaft walls with high-pressured water (1000 bar pressure and 260 litres per minute). Through using this hydrodemolition robot, we were able remove the concrete from the shaft without compromising the integrity of the steel supporting bars.

At Hydroblast, all of our operators are experienced and highly trained in accordance with the Water Jetting Association guidelines. If you have a project, large or small, contact us today for a quote.