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In the construction of vessels exposed to high temperatures, such as furnaces, boilers and incinerators, refractory lining in installed. Typically made from alumina and silica, the refractory acts as insulation and protects the outer steel structure from damage.

As a result of extreme heat inside the vessel, over time, the lining begins to break down, or can be damaged. To avoid costly repairs, it’s important these issues are dealt with quickly, that’s when Hydroblast are deployed with specialist equipment.

Hydroblast use high-pressure water jetting equipment to remove worn away refractory lining. Using specialist machines such as the Aqua Cutter 410 Robot, ensures refractory removal is completed efficiently as well as many other benefits;

  • Less down-time for maintenance work
  • Easy to position in harder to reach locations
  • Small and light whilst remaining powerful and agile
  • The robot can be controlled wirelessly permitting the operators to work at a safe distance
  • The Aqua Cutter also comes fitted with an Equal Distance System (EDS) which keeps a preset distance between the nozzle and surface

Using specialist tools and jets, alongside careful positioning, Hydroblast can complete refractory removal and refractory repair services, without tube damage in confined spaces. Get in touch to see how we can help you today.