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The Problem

Oil and grease manufacturers are important clients for Hydroblast.  We have built up the relationships over time as we have the machinery and expertise to clean tanks in which residue has built up, often over many years.  Keeping these tanks clean and ready to use is of vital importance for manufacturing companies.  If the tanks don’t have a regular maintenance schedule they are at risk of getting a build-up of sludge, water, and other substances. This can be damaging to both the tank and the quality of the oil when being use for wholesale.  Clearly there are major financial implications if the tanks are not working optimally.

Hydroblast was contacted by a large oil and grease manufacturer that did not have a routine maintenance schedule and had not had their tank cleaned completely for 30 years.  The company needed the tank to be thoroughly cleaned inside and out.  The consistency of oil and grease means these substances are extremely difficult and complex to clean at the best of times. This combined with the fact the tank had not been cleaned for such a long period of time meant it was highly resistant to all cleaning methods, especially ones without the correct equipment and skills.

The Hydroblast Method

The conditions inside the tank meant that man entry methods would not only be unpleasant, but dangerous for the individual in the tank.  Following evaluation of the problem it was identified that a no-man entry technique should be used.  Hydroblast has 3D tank cleaning nozzles, which are designed for this type of work. This powerful piece of equipment works by rotating extremely quickly and cleaning every surrounding surface quickly and proficiently.

In order to achieve the desired result, we connected the nozzle to the water pump and lowered it into the tank. We then delivered a 500 bar, 98-degree hot wash combined with foam and detergent at 60 litres per minute. As the residue had been built up over 30 years, it was initially extremely resistant to any removal methods. In order to achieve the desired level of cleanliness that Hydroblast aim for, we joined 2 of our 500 bar pumps together, this then achieved a quick, efficient and thorough clean. Once the cleaning task was complete the residue was removed leaving the tank spotless and instantly ready to use.

Hydroblast: The Outcome

The Oil Tank completely clean and ready to use

The Oil Tank after Hydroblast had completed the clean

The client was delighted with the result; the tank was completely clear of all residue. Hydroblast achieved this in an efficient and cost-effective way, enabling the tank to work to maximum efficiency. The customer was so confident in the results that they are now using the tank to mix special, clear or white grease without worrying about colour contamination from leftover oil or grease.Our innovative approach to the manipulation of water at extremely high pressures and temperatures means we are ahead of our competitors when it comes to environmentally friendly methods of tank cleaning. At Hydroblast we don’t use any toxic chemicals that can be damaging, instead using only water with eco-friendly foams and detergents. This means that costs are kept to a minimum without having to sacrifice our extremely high level of efficiency. These methods are extremely well suited to the task of industrial tank cleaning. Our innovative nozzles are able to fit into the tanks and still deliver the water at a high enough pressure to remove even the most stubborn sludge and grime, enabling a complete and professional clean.

If you have any questions regarding our industrial tank cleaning, high pressure water jetting or hydrodemolition services, please contact us today. We specialise in creating innovative, high-pressured water techniques to cleaning and demolition services.