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In February our Managing Director, Gerald McDonald, flew over to Ireland to deliver a safety course to the employees of Structural Concrete Bonding Services after their purchase of water-jetting equipment. The course, which was hosted by Kilcullen Town Hall, covered all aspects of safety, ensuring that participants are aware of the fundamental functions of the machine. This enabled the employees to have a full knowledge and understanding of how the machine is required to work whilst in operation whilst maintaining the highest safety standards.

Tony Gahan of SCB services says they decided to move to water-jetting from their more traditional methods of breaking up concrete:

“Using water-jetting is much more efficient and doesn’t damage other structures”

Although we think it’s safe to say that we won’t be delivering many more training sessions in a room full of soft cream leather car seats, like is the case in Kilcullen Town Hall. The training course proved to be a great success, as Gerald was invited back a year later to teach 8 more members of SCB the same course.

The story goes back to the year 2000, when local garage owner Pat Dunlea went to Sweden for the launch of the Volvo S80 and saw that a theatre set up for the car’s presentation was using brand-new S80 driver’s seats. He later managed to convince Volvo to donate them to Kilcullen’s newly refurbished Town Hall when the launch programme was over, and they’ve remained there ever since. With the seats still being kitted out with their seatbelts, there isn’t a more fitting venue out there to be teaching a course on safety!


If you would like your team to be trained by a registered training provider of the Water Jetting Association, then contact us on 01677 424 542 or book online.