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The Importance of Safe Water Jetting

If you go to the gym, there’s always one man that tries to lift heavier and faster than everyone else, there always one man that shows off! Those guys who do those outlandish and unsafe things in the gym are dangerous, annoying, and just plain thoughtless to themselves and others. Translate this into Hydrodemolition work – some companies use water jetting pumps that operate at high pressures and equally higher flow rates and allow their operators to use this sort of set up.

Some operatives like that think they are great at using guns and lances that give reaction forces higher than 250 newtons. They think that working in this way that they can cut more concrete but they are really just cutting corners, ignoring laws of common sense as well Health and Safety laws and guidance.

Some Civil Engineering companies let workers/sub contractors on site:

  • Wear training shoes
  • Wear shorts
  • Wear base ball caps , instead of HARD HATS
  • Work in the sun without sun tan cream
  • Work without hi viz clothing
  • Work without wearing steel toe cap boots
  • Some Civil Engineering companies let men lift loads without bending their knees – does yours – would you know?
  • Some Civil Engineering companies let their staff lift 10 tonne loads using 5 tonne chains – does yours?

Health and Safety laws weren’t just created for people to glance over. These laws have been set for a reason which is to protect employees, employers and members of the public. If you have been allowed to work on site in any of the conditions above and are concerned about your well-being at work then speak to your employer.

Understanding the Water Jetting Reaction Force

Do You Know Any Water Jetting Show Offs?

*operators should observe the blue code of practice, when it comes to handling reaction forces.

Why Take the Risk?

Ignoring the Health and Safety guidelines set by the Blue Code of Practice will most likely end with you or someone else injured. These guidelines have been designed with your health and well-being in mind so please do not ignore them. At Hydroblast, all of our staff are full trained to use all of our equipment. If you are going to use robotic hydrodemolition, please use the equipment with trained, qualified and experienced operatives from Hydroblast. For more information please contact Hydroblast directly.