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Inaccessible Concrete Removal

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Hydrodemolition Or Concrete Break Out In Inaccessible Or Difficult Areas Using Jet Frames

One of our specialist services is working in difficult areas, for example in confined spaces or areas where the concrete is inaccessible.

Hydroblast’s Jet Frame Standard

The jet frame is a tool we use when working on a difficult area.

It is often used on surfaces that can’t be easily accessed by our track driven robot, such as down man holes, in other confined spaces, or at very tall heights.

The jet frame is not only used in small or confined spaces, but also in tricky spaces such as bridge piers, bearings, soffits and parapets.

Previously, there was no alternative but to use hand lances on complicated areas such as these, but with the jet frame you can see outstanding results and benefit from safe, efficient robotic hydrodemolition.

The frame is extremely versatile and allows for a fast and easy set up. It can either be brought to the location in separate pieces and put together there, or it can be brought as a complete piece and placed into the desired position using a crane or hydraulic platform – whichever method is most suitable for that particular job.

The jet frame needs to be securely fastened to the concrete surface for stable, safe work. This may be done using bolts or it may be held firmly in place by a hydraulic excavator or handler.

During the work, the jet frame will be operated by remote control, which allows a greater level of force than hand lancing and hence much more productive work.

As the cannon on the jet frame is operated using a remote control hand set, the work is perfectly safe for the operator.

Modular & Extensible

The jet frame is very adaptable and can be used for almost any type of hydrodemolition task.

You can choose the width and height of the frame to ensure the perfect size of frame for your specific requirements.

Technical Data

LENGTH APPROX. 3,3 m (10.8 feet)
WIDTH APPROX. 2,9 m (9.5 feet)
CUTTING LENGTH 0 – 2,8 m (0-9.2 feet)
CUTTING WIDTH 0 – 2,25 m (0-7.4 feet)

Hydroblast Jet Frame Customised

Another service we offer is the production of customised jet frames.

These unique frames can be produced to the specifications you need and mounted onto a wide variety of equipment, including excavators, telescopic handlers and other kinds of construction apparatus.

This picture depicts a jet frame that was made to attach to the bottom of a pier, enabling access to an area that would previously have been extremely difficult to reach with the water jet.
This monorail-type jet frame has been positioned in order to break out the outer seaward face of a marine structure.
This customised frame is attached to the bottom of a berthing dolphin, enabling operators to break away concrete that has been damaged and eroded by seawater.
This is another monorail-type frame. This one was created to break off the concrete dome section of a nuclear power station in order to facilitate a reactor change.
This picture depicts the results of this work, showing the finished area of break out to the dome.
An example of a typical jet frame we would use for a hydrodemolition job.

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