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Hydroblast were recently tasked with cleaning a heat exchanger for a leading food manufacturer. Over time, residue had built up within the tubes of the exchanger. This was damaging to its productivity, and so it had to be cleaned to prolong its lifespan, prevent any contamination and ensure that it passed its inspections.

high pressure water jetting pipe cleaning for heat exchangers

Our Method

After performing our routine site inspection and risk assessment, we decided to use a selection of high pressure water jetting nozzles. These would enable us to effectively clean both the internal and external pipes of the heat exchanger.

Using water instead of chemicals meant that our process was more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective, and it also prevented any damage to the structure of the machinery. Using the latest high pressure water pumps and jetting equipment, we were able to remove any residue from the pipes to achieve a thorough, consistent clean.

The biggest challenge faced by our team was working at height in a cherry picker. For an inexperienced operative, this could be exceptionally tricky. However, all of our staff are trained in working at height and the safe operation of this machinery, which meant that we were able to perform the task efficiently and at minimal risk.

The Results

The combination of our high quality equipment and the expertise of our operatives meant that we were able to complete our cleaning in just two days. Our client was thrilled with both the attitude of our staff and the high standards to which our operatives worked.

The pump of a previous cleaning company broke down when cleaning the heat exchanger, increasing its downtime at significant cost to the client. In contrast, our pump remained operational and switched on throughout the process. Our staff were compliant with safety regulations and procedures, meaning we were able to complete the job without incident.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback of our client was a testament to Hydroblast’s attitude towards training and empowering staff, as well our continual investment in the latest high quality equipment. In fact, we were even invited to clean machinery at their other plants and return on a six-monthly contract to maintain their heat exchanger.

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