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At Hydroblast, we know that our industry-leading equipment and technology is only half the battle when it comes to providing a first-class service. A company is nothing without its team, and it’s with this in mind that we sat down with one of our newer members of staff, Callum, for a chat about working for Hydroblast.


Callum’s Background

Before joining us at Hydroblast, Callum had had varied experiences when it came to work. Callum was previously employed at a large company, but found the culture difficult. There, everyone was treated the same and not fully appreciated for their individual skills and ideas. After this, Callum went on to work for a different agency on a contracted basis. However, employment was inconsistent and depended on the work available – Callum wasn’t sure when his next payday would be.

Callum hadn’t intended to start a career in water jetting, but after Managing Director Gerald spotted his details and experience online, he called Callum in for an interview.


Career Development at Hydroblast

Callum has been with Hydroblast for two years now, and he hasn’t looked back. In that time, he’s learned a lot too. When Callum joined us, he originally started working with a standard CSCS green card, which classified his construction skills as a Labourer.

Since working with Hydroblast, Callum has become an integral part of the team which is going from strength to strength. He has achieved an NVQ in water jetting to get a blue CSCS card (a career development to Skilled Worker) and is now currently working towards a level 3 NVQ for his gold CSCS card. This professional development will allow him to become a supervisor at job sites.

Callum really appreciates how Hydroblast have included him as part of the team. He also acknowledges that Managing Director Gerald is passionate about employee development, and feels like this has really given him the drive to succeed in his career.

Callum says that his job stability is the best it’s ever been in his working life, and he’s happy to be on a full-time wage regardless of whether they’ve travelled to a job site or just worked in the yard.


The Best Bits of Hydroblast

Callum is relaxed as he chats to us, his enthusiasm clear from the way he talks about his work. He describes his favourite ever job, his first experience with robotic hydrodemolition, as “an absolute pleasure to watch.” It was a job on a bridge in London, way back when Callum first started working for Hydroblast.

Since then, Callum has particularly enjoyed having the opportunity to travel across the country and visit Ireland for jobs. “It’s much better than staying in just one place all the time!” he chuckles.

Callum enjoys working at Hydroblast all year round, too. He tells us that he feels well looked after, and is confident that the company has his best interests considered at all times. He especially likes how Gerald makes sure to offer praise to Callum and the rest of the team when they have done a good job – it really makes him feel truly valued.

One thing that Gerald is really passionate about is staff safety, which is something that Callum cares a lot about, too. If Callum or another member of the team ever need Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), they just ask Gerald who ensures it’s provided. The company invests in high quality equipment and PPE, which makes the job much safer and easier for the staff – Callum notes how they all really appreciate it.

Ensuring the safety, security and happiness of the working staff is key to ensuring good teamwork. Fridays at Hydroblast are often known as fish and chip Friday – a treat from the boss after a good week’s work!


A Real Team Effort at Hydroblast

Hydroblast team








Callum enjoys working in the team, and he really feels like he can put his points across and the team will respond positively. Hydroblast welcome innovative solutions which helps them to provide the best solution for the client. In the same way, if something isn’t quite working, his team are able to tell him in a constructive way. Hydroblast really prides itself on this good team culture.

Gerald always makes sure that the job is right for the team and Hydroblast. He makes sure that the company don’t take on a job they can’t complete to the best of their abilities, and makes sure that it’s something the team will enjoy doing.


Callum is undoubtedly proud of his work. He is confident, his skillset is developing every day, and he is sure to be an integral member of the Hydroblast team for the foreseeable future.